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Top 5 Best Call Her Daddy Podcast Episodes

Top 5 Best Call Her Daddy Podcast Episodes

Call Her Daddy is the ultimate podcast for girls and guys looking for hot tips to spice up their bedroom lives. Join the millions of loyal Daddy Gang fans for endless convos filled with juicy gossip, tried-and-true sex positions, and very serious debates on what you should let your man watch online alone. If you missed the drama in 2020 and are trying to catch up, this is the best place to start. Here we bring you 5 best Call Her Daddy Podcast Episodes

1. Episode 1 – Sext Me So I Know It’s Real

The only way to get into Call Her Daddy is to start at the first episode. Nicknames are explained, initial questions are answered, and more tips and hot takes are thrown out in 30 minutes than you’ll be able to handle. Starting at the beginning is also a great way to get to know Cooper and Franklyn of course, and they do go into a bit of detail about how they met and what their backgrounds are in this episode.

The original Call Her Daddy format arguably gained so much popularity because of Franklyn and Cooper’s no holds barred storytelling. The show, at its best moments, truly felt like eavesdropping on two friends having a real conversation, and for several reasons, the first few months of episodes were the best example of that.

2. Episode 3 – The Gluck Gluck 9000

Every member of the Daddy Gang remembers where they were when in October 2018 Cooper introduced what has gone down in history as one of the most iconic moments in Call Her Daddy history.

Without a doubt, the thing that makes Call Her Daddy so entertaining is the raunchy detail and over the top storytelling. This episode established the podcast and created a meme that transcended the Call Her Daddy feed, so much that you will still see references to the episode in dating app bios and Instagram over two years later. While we won’t go into as much detail as she does when explaining the concept to Franklyn, the over the top narrative is good for more than a few laughs and maybe even a few things you can bring to the bedroom.

3. Episode 92 – MILEY CYRUS

Probably the biggest guest on Call Her Daddy, and perhaps the most famous member of #DADDYGANG, is Miley Cyrus. The casual nature of the show led to a free-flowing interview with the musician and actor where she shared intimate details about past relationships and her own sex life and sexuality.

In a way, the fact that the episode was hosted by Cooper on her own may have led to a better interview, where Cyrus was able to speak more and a real conversation could be had. Although Cooper has suggested that eventually, the show will return to two hosts, if it doesn’t, more episodes where celebrities open up like this could be a good way to keep the feed engaging.

4. Episode 15 – Escaping the Friend Zone

Another memorable early episode came at the end of 2018, where the topics were slightly (just slightly) less raunchy than usual and the hosts attempted to break down the elusive “friend zone” and how to get out of it. It is worth noting that no episode of Call Her Daddy would get anything less than an R-rating, but parts of this one do stay a little tamer.

Furthermore, in addition to the 2020 drama, most of the other media attention around Call Her Daddy comes from discussions about it as a piece of feminist media. If you are more interested in the show from that angle, not just for the blowjob tips, this episode may be a good example because of the more real-life dating advice given.

5. Episode 58 – The Dad – Hotline (2)

At the core, Call Her Daddy is supposed to be a sex and dating advice show, so if that’s what you’re looking for there is no better place to go than the three “Daddy Hotline” episodes. In this series of questions, the hosts address everything from sleeping with a professor, their worst dates of all time, and more.

The episode is full of stories that are both hilarious and at times, gross, but that’s the charm of Call Her Daddy. This one is certainly not for the faint of heart and maybe it is because this type of episode is truly for the fans that Franklyn and Cooper seem to be even more open about their lives than usual.

There were 5 hottest Call Her Daddy Podcast Episodes, we hope you enjoy the post. If you are a fan of this Podcast, don’t hesitate to visit our store and find Call Her Daddy Merch.


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